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Phyllis Small fiber artist, Musical Chairs, Cotton Quilt

Artist Bio

I have always had a passion for art. I am a fiber artist, combining my background in collage and printmaking with the medium of fabric. My inspiration to create quilts comes from what I see around me every day. I find color, shape, and line hard to resist. I love all colors and experimenting with infinite combinations. Creating art with textiles, to me, is fun and exciting. I also find it relaxing, therapeutic, and necessary to my well-being. Color, shape, line, texture, and especially the feel of fabric inspire me to create. The tug is irresistible; it is the process, as much as the result that I love.

I live in West Hartford, CT, with my husband of over 50 years. I earned a BA degree in Chemistry and hold a private pilot's license. My husband and I fly our Cessna 182 to Martha's Vineyard and other parts of the country, where the patchwork landscape below us eternally inspires me.

Phyllis Small, Portrait.JPG


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